MicropolisJ – a resurrection of a classic game

A few years ago Micropolis, also known as the classic SimCity game, was released as open source. Unfortunately, the source code had a lot of archaisms in it, since it was originally written in a different era of computing.

I have pored through the old source code and translated it into a modern Java Swing-based application, complete with animations and sounds. Here is an initial release, which I am dubbing MicropolisJ. Most of the core functionality is working fine. Some of the original functionality, such as the built-in scenarios, has not yet been ported. Also, earthquakes are not yet implemented.

To play MicropolisJ, download the zip file below and expand it someplace on your hard disk. Inside you will find a .jar file. Double-click the jar file. You will need version 1.7 or later of the Java runtime.


Download the latest release of MicropolisJ at code.google.com/p/micropolis (click on Downloads, then Micropolis Java edition).

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